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Mike M., a satisfied client of A&S Capital, standing confidently by a poolside with a scenic waterfront view in the background.
Jason Citro

“A&S check all the boxes. They're reliable, they're professional, they have the knowledge, the resources, they're efficient, fast, and they get you over the finish line. The amount of growth we've experienced would not have been possible without A&S, and I don't want to do another deal without A&S. They are your go-to guys in lending."

Jason Citro, from MVP Holdings Group, has a rich background in remodeling old homes and residential sales. After moving to Florida, he connected with Michael Cigarro and quickly became involved in the multifamily housing sector. Jason's journey in this industry has been notably rapid and successful, largely due to the support and expertise of A&S.


“One of the reasons we work as well as we do with A&S is because of their professionalism. They offer fair and favorable loan terms. They are well acquainted with our local market conditions and as such they provide quick turnarounds on their funding decisions. Closings with A&S are organized, professional and efficiently coordinated. They show up on time with the funds to close deals.”

A&S has provided Viju and partners with investment capital for multiple projects - both short term fix and flip, and long term buy and hold. Viju is also part owner of the Dade Real Estate Investors Association- one of the oldest real estate investing clubs in South Florida. Many of their members are always looking for funds and we’re grateful Viju refers them to us.


“A&S helps me with financing services. They’ve provided me with capital in order to purchase properties. I’ve been working with them for 5 years and I thoroughly trust them, they’re a great company. I purchase all my properties with their loans. Since then, everything has gone according to plan and I’ve been able to successfully turnover the houses ready for sale after a full renovation process.”

A&S has been working with Catalina for 5 years plus providing her with financing to do fast and effective fix and flips. We take pride in working with driven clients like Catalina and helping them in their road to success.


“Working with A&S team was very professional. The whole team handled all the paperwork and everything was fast and approval was also fairly fast. Once we got everything together everything was rolling smoothly. The most important thing to me about working with them was that it was not stressful.”

A&S provided Eli with a ground-up construction loan for a site in Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale. The project consists of eight townhomes in total, approx 3300 square feet each. We appreciate Eli’s methodical and organized work ethic allowing us to develop the loan in a fast and timely manner.


“A&S provided a full range of services from support with the clients and assisted me with all the process of the loan, they have an excellent staff that helps my company with the entire deal. My business has grown exponentially working with them through the years."

Ivan has been working as a broker with A&S since the company’s establishment. Throughout the years, we’ve been able to acquire a vast variety of clients through Ivan’s network, in-turn Ivan trusts A&S deliver dependable services to his clients.

Mike M.

“A&S provided all construction financing for a brand new house of 6000 sq ft in Ft. Lauderdale. This was my first time working in the East Coast, and my first time working with A&S and it’s been an unbelievably positive experience. I highly recommend them.”

Mike is a first time client for A&S, as all his developments are located in the West Coast. We worked with Mike providing him financing for a large waterfront home construction project. The new property has already been sold and moved into, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with him.

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