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Close-up view of a modern building facade with distinctive architectural features. The facade consists of a large glass surface reflecting the clear blue sky, intersected by white structural elements creating a rhythmic, vertical pattern. The design creates an interplay of light, shadow, and reflection.
Two professionals discussing property investment strategies over a tablet displaying an aerial view of a modern residential building financed by A&S Capital.
A Trusted Lender

A&S Capital is Florida’s leading balance sheet lender. We are a Direct Lender who provides short term business purpose financing on single and multifamily residential real estate nationwide. We offer bespoke solutions for various types of capital needs; including: fix and flips, acquisitions, refinance, construction, and much more. Our professional team is dedicated to making the loan process painless, transparent and successful for domestic and foreign clients alike.

Our Founders

Meet the Decision Makers at A&S Capital
Alexis Agopian
Alexis Agopian is the co-founder of A&S Capital LLC. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Advertising from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, which gives him a creative perspective when it comes to engaging in various commercial activities. He relocated to the US in 2013, and since then he has been involved in different Real Estate projects, including the creation of a single family fix and flip fund, the acquisition of class C apartment buildings to renovate and transform into class B, among others.
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Jorge Silberstein
Jorge Silberstein is the co-founder of A&S Capital, a private lending company that has been growing rapidly and consistently across the US. For 30 years he worked as an accountant, financial, fiscal and wealth advisor. He has worked with a broad portfolio of clients from the commercial, industrial and service industries across Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. Jorge holds a CPA license from the School of Economics and Administration in Uruguay. In 2012 he relocated to the US, and due to his strong relationship with South American Investors, he started actively working in different activities in the Real Estate business.
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Martin Bedecarratz
Chief Credit Officer
Martin, a native from Santiago, Chile, has been hustling his way up in the United States after he came on a tennis scholarship when he was 18 years old. After graduating in 2016 from St Francis College with a degree in Business Management, Martin started working at Roc Capital, a financial services platform for real estate investors based out of NYC. After underwriting mainly residential business purpose loans and learning the private lending business, he played a key role in increasing volumes for the company. While becoming the director of sales and originations, he took the company from $20M in originations per month, to $100M+ per month. In July 2020, Martin moved to Miami and joined A&S as Chief Credit Officer.
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Our Team

Meet the Team Who Gets It Done
Mudasar Mirsa
Joseris Lugo
Cesar Casalins
Daniela Kizner
Diego Silberstein
Draw Management
Jeanette Miranda
Evelyn Friedman
Ezequiel Cerrini
Business Development
Ryan Angell
Norma Cardona

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