Residential Bridge Loan

Fast, flexible financing for 1-4 unit properties with up to 90% LTC and 75% LTV. Close in 2-3 weeks with rates starting at 11%.

Fast and Flexible Financing for Residential Properties

Perfect for buying, fixing & flipping, refinancing, or building residential properties, our Residential Bridge Loan covers most project costs and property value, offering competitive rates. New and international borrowers are welcome. Enjoy no prepayment penalties and interest charged only on funds you use. Close quickly and start your project with confidence.

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Loan Information

Available for
Purchase / Fix & Flip / Refi / Ground-Up Construction
Leverage Up to 90% LTC and 75% LTV
Pricing from 11% and 1.5 Points
First-time borrowers and foreign nationals accepted
Closing in 2-3 Weeks
As-disbursed interest, with no prepayment penalty
3 Month IR prepaid

Why Work With Us

We are the decision makers, no middle men
We have high liquidity and provide fast turnaround
We build long-term relationships
Our blockchain draw process is secure
We have the capabilities to close in all 50 states
Our strong balance sheet allows us to think out of the box