Multifamily Bridge Loan

Secure up to 80% LTC and 65% LTV for 5+ unit properties. Competitive rates from 11.5%. Close in 3-4 weeks.

Smart Funding for Multifamily Investments

Ideal for purchasing, improving, refinancing, or building multifamily properties, our Multifamily Bridge Loan supports a significant portion of project costs and property value, with attractive rates. Designed for experienced investors and international borrowers, it offers no prepayment penalties and interest only on disbursed funds. Experience a swift closing process to keep your projects on track.

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Loan Information

Available for
Purchase / Value-Add / Refi / Ground-Up Construction
Leverage Up to 80% LTC and 65% LTV
Pricing from 11.5% and 2 Points
Experienced Operators with a proven track record in Multifamily
Foreign Nationals Accepted
Closing in 3-4 Weeks
As-disbursed interest with no prepayment penalty
3 Month IR prepaid
Appraisals from Bowery Valuations

Why Work With Us

We are the decision makers, no middle men
We have high liquidity and provide fast turnaround
We build long-term relationships
Our blockchain draw process is secure
We have the capabilities to close in all 50 states
Our strong balance sheet allows us to think out of the box